Who are we?

Halls Applications are a group of building and roofing contractors from Whitby, North Yorkshire. The business was established over 50 years ago by WW2 veteran Ernest Hall. Halls has enjoyed long term success due to a strong work ethic and high standards set by Ernest and maintained by the family. Halls Applications is very much a family business, for over 30 years, Halls have now been applying Belzona products with Ernest's sons, Graham Hall & John Hall developing the Halls-Belzona relationship which first started in 1983. Over the years, at least ten members of the family have worked for Halls Applications. Currently, we are still enjoying success as a family business. Recently after 30 successful years of running the company, including the last 5 years with his sons, Graham has handed the reigns to his sons Ricky and James.

What do we do at Halls Applications?

We are a specialist group of building and roofing contractors specialising in using Belzona products and systems. We work together closely with Belzona to provide services to solve the maintenance issues that arise from equipment and structures in a wide range of industries. Some of the main typical jobs undertaken at Halls Applications are; Roof protection systems and leak curing, Concrete repairs, Wood repairs, Safety grip systems, Wall water-proofing and Waterproofing.


Belzona Polymerics Ltd is a UK based company operating out of their head office in Harrogate, North Yorkshire. Belzona was established in 1952 when it was originally launched in Elland, West Yorkshire as a metal flame spraying company. In 1957 the company moved to Harrogate, North Yorkshire where it pioneered the development of innovative polymer technology that has revolutionised the ways in which repair and maintenance procedures are carried out within industrial and commercial facilities.

Investors in the local Community

At Halls Applications, we do our best to support the local community in sporting activities. We are currently proud sponsors and playing members of Whitby Cricket Club, who play in the North Yorkshire South Durham Division 1.

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